Nordic Intelligence Day 2017, April 26-27

Comintelli are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring the Nordic Intelligence Network’s  (formerly Svenska CI-Nätverket) Intelligence Day 2017 Conference for Market, Competitive & Business Intelligence in Stockholm this spring. This will be the major gathering of intelligence professionals in the Nordics, so don´t miss it! Join us to learn, network and have some fun!

Intelligence Day 2017 – “Future-Oriented Intelligence”

April 26-27 at Summit Hitech Building

intelligence day 2017 - registrationThe theme of the conference is Future-Oriented Intelligence, which includes analysis methods  and ways of creative thinking to better understand the future. The more advanced or strategic  intelligence capability an organization wants to have, the better the capacity for understanding the future needs to be.
Read more about the theme by Hans Hedin, the moderator of Intelligence Day 2017