“Shrinking the Haystack to Find the Needles You Want” article in SCIP CI Magazine

Gabriel Anderbjörk’s, CFO at Comintelli and Jesper Martell’s, CEO at Comintelli, article “Shrinking the Haystack to Find the Needles You Want” has been published in the latest issue of SCIP Competitive Intelligence Magazine, Volume 19, Number 3, September/November 2016.

“Let’s start by imagining your sources as a huge haystack of unstructured big data. Next, imagine that you must quickly search through it to find the golden information needles that you urgently need. Finally, picture the haystack as not only growing in size every time you see it, but also having new haystack appear in other places. It becomes harder and harder to find the needles, right? Yet, this is the information world we live in today.”

Gabriel Anderbjörk, CFO at Comintelli and Jesper Martell, CEO at Comintelli


The challenge before us is: how do we deal with the huge volumes of secondary information flows today? This article addresses a very straightforward question: what types of sources are there and how do we make the best use of them? In this article we aim at providing:

  1. A structural model for how to segment your particular set of sources
  2. How to thinking terms of source mixes with regards to available budgets
  3. How to connect your relevant information sources to an Intelligence Portal

relevant information to your intelligence portal


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