Intelligence Goes Mobile!

IDC recently completed a survey of over 400 organizations that focused on their adoption of mobile enterprise application software adoption.

According to the survey, adoption of mobile applications within businesses is helping to improve the Customer Experience and increase Employee Productivity.  Businesses are achieving these benefits by using mobility to provide customers and employees with information access, context, and the ability to act. The survey indicates that adoption will double within these organizations for almost every category of mobile enterprise application in the next year.

Naturally, modern intelligence systems must be available on any mobile device. Competitive Intelligence professionals don´t sit still at a computer all day any longer. Analysts need to be able to respond 24/7 in addressing requests for market intelligence at all times. Insights from the field (e.g. when visiting a trade show) must be possible to send in on the fly. Busy executives should be able to receive alerts and market signals wherever they are.

Below are some examples of how the mobile version of Intelligence2day® solves these critical competitive intelligence issues:

mobile intelligence

A single user interface that is responsive to any mobile device and adapted to being used on the move.

mobile intelligence publish articles on the go

Send in market intelligence signals instantly using one hand.

So in summary, mobile intelligence will allow your organization to react much faster to new opportunities and threats!