5 key take aways from SCIP Atlanta 2015

Last week, some of the world’s leading intelligence experts gathered at the 30th SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) conference was held in Atlanta, USA. Here are my 5 key take aways:

1. “How to Build the Future”
Brian David Johnson held the the best SCIP opening key note for a long time. Filled with intelligence and humor, I particularly remember:

  • The ghost of computing
  • What we build is only constrained by the limits of our imaginations…
  • You need to have a visions of the future


2. The story of Kodak

Kodak knew what was going on, accurately predicted the changes in their market. Challenge was what to do about it…Below is a summary of the strategic thinking that was going on at Kodak, BUT when the right time to disrupt their extremely profitable business? Thats a hard decision to make…

3. CI vs BI vs MR vs KM vs …

There were some great dicussions on the merger of CI/BI/Market Research/KM, etc, in the end it seems simple, its all about managing the information you have to make better decisions…

4. Lunch topic on CI softwareChristian and I hosted an enthusiastic lunch table discussion about CI software, where the main concern seemd to be how to handle all the different sources of information, people are being swamped…

5. What types of intelligence technologies are you most likely to invest in?The online pools were a quick and fun way of getting a sense of the CI Community views on important questions – Customer insights and market research lead the way.


Looking forward to the next SCIP Conference in Madrid! Hasta la vista!

By: Jesper Martell