Communication through social networks

2015-01-22 11.30.43

During two full days, in January and February, professor Sven Hamrefors hosted a workshop at Södertörn University with participants from six different organization of different size and focus. The common focus was on communication practice.  The workshop was part of an overall abductive research project into Competitive Intelligence and how to utilize social networks for the benefit of CI. To summarize two days of abductive workshop discussions is hardly possible but my key take-aways to be shared are:

  • We have a significant over belief that what is said in social networks is the general opinion. It is not the case. Beware!
  • A risk with social networks is that you lose identity rather than, as generally believed, the opposite. We tend to be far too compliant in different network contexts and thereby dilute our personal singularities.
  • Contrary to general belief, it is not the one with least insight that has most to gain by joining and contributing in social networks, it is those with most insight and experience.

As always,  I must recommend all that have a chance to attend a session with Sven do so. He is extraordinary in his profession!

By: Gabriel Anderbjörk