The 2nd question to ask in your CI information strategy is…

Who are the target readers? Following up on my previous entry about information strategy, here is second key question to ask. You would be surprised at how often this is not done and people just hope that someone, somewhere, sometime might, perhaps, maybe read what they write….and thats when you can ask yourself what the point is of producing the best intelligence if the right person does not read/act upon it…

So once you have defined what information you need, the question that follows is who should be able to read the information published in the system?

Most people are overloaded with information every day which means that in order to reach them, information must be well targeted and packaged for its readers. The “shotgun” approach simply won´t work anymore. You need to think as a Publisher and create “personas” that you are targetting (eg.g CEO, sales VP, R&D manager will have very different needs).


Once you have figured out what they want and how to package it, you need to consider how it should be delivered. Is the information in your portal open for everyone or are there different user groups with different needs? Only relevant information should be allowed to reach a reader or group of readers, preferably in a format that suits the reader. Some people still prefer reading paper based information (e.g. when they are traveling), some read on their PC on webpages, some prefer everything in their e-mail box, some read on their Ipads, some on their mobile devices ( Android phones, IPhones). You must find out the readers preferred channels and cater to them.

By: Jesper Martell