Svenska CI-nätverket & Intelligence 3.0

Last Thursday, the awaited intelligence event ‘Intelligence 3.0’ took place in Stockholm, Sweden. The event was arranged by the research project CIBAS which is a cooperation between Södertörn University, Comintelli, M-Brain, Glykol and Svenska CI-nätverket (The Swedish CI Network).

It was a full day of presentations and networking that started with an introduction on the topic “Mega trends shaping the future” followed by presentations such as “User-driven communication” and “Competitive intelligence in the networking organization”. The overall theme of the day was the new media landscape and the challenges we face when trying to make sense of the constant streams of data moving in new directions.

‘Svenska CI-nätverket’, opened up on LinkedIn earlier this year and the group quickly grew to a solid base of Swedish industry professionals. We saw a large number of these members at Intelligence 3.0 and hope to see this network grow even more from now on! Soon, you will also be able to access both presentations and recordings from Intelligence 3.0 via this group so join today and you’ll also be alerted about upcoming events in the future!


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