7 highlights from SCIP Euro conference 2014

The Comintelli team has just returned from a successful SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) conference in Amsterdam, the largest Competitive Intelligence (CI) event in Europe.

These are the 7 highlights we brought with us home!

1. The half-day pre-conference workshop on building CI taxonomies that was led by Comintelli´s Jesper Martell and Christian Bjersér produced a common understanding for defining the target group of a taxonomy. The slides are available free on Slideshare:



SCIP workshop by Comintelli – Creating & Using Topic Maps to Visualize Your Business Environment from Comintelli

2. One of the hot topics was Big Data and how it relates to Competitive and Market Intelligence. As you can see in this YouTube clip there was some debate on the question, so we expect this topic to pop up again at future conferences…




3. Download the CI Readiness Roadmap PPT from the High-Performance Intel Teams panel, courtesy of Aurora WCD:

4. For the very first time at SCIP, gamification was introduced as a way to solve the age old problem of increasing engagement for CI in organization and getting people to contribute more. A very fun and creative interactive session was led by David Ban and Jesper Martell. Be sure that more will follow on this fascinating topic!!

5. The new SCIP University was officialy introduced offering CI professionals all over the world the possibility to get certified CI skills at all levels. Read more at https://www.scip.org/SCIPCertification.php

6. Comintelli launched the new intelligence2day Enterprise platform which was enthusiastically received and we are so eager to show you the new interface!

7. Finally, we just have to give extra credit to our friend, “the Strategic Intelligence Stormtrooper”, Khalid Irshad for the funniest lunch hour at SCIP ever…its already classic comedy…