10 deliverables you should get from your Competitive Intelligence program

Competitive Intelligence (CI) should provide management at all levels with early warnings of changes in the competitive landscape, including opportunity signals. It is a crucial part of corporate management in the modern and fast changing economy.

By analyzing other actors (customers and competitors as well as regulators) moves, CI allows companies to anticipate market development and act in accordance, before the competition does.


Below are 10 deliverables I think a competent CI program should be able to deliver:

1.    Early identification of growth opportunities

2.    Improved product and business development activities

3.    Benchmarking of best practices

4.    Quicker response to changes in the market

5.    Better understanding of major players (e.g. customers, suppliers, politicians, partners) to allow you to have closer conversations with them

6.    Future scenarios for strategic planning

7.    Accurate estimates (e.g. pricing) for tactical decisions

8.    Early warning of competitive threat

9.    Identification of business blind spots (weaknesses we are unaware of)

10. And ultimately, CI should deliver a more profitable organisation!

Do you agree? Any other deliverables that I have missed?

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By: Jesper Martell