The New Oil: Innovative Business Models to Turn Data Into Profit

Comintelli Partner and Senior Consultant Arent van’t Spijker is the author of the new book ‘The New Oil: Using Innovative Business Models to Turn Data Into Profit’.

Arent says: “Today, data is fuelling an important economic change: it is the driving force for new business models and disruptive technologies that impact companies in every imaginable industry.”

In The New Oil, he explains how to leverage the value of your company’s data, highlighting the economic drivers for change and offers five typical business models formonetizing data that help you to develop viable business models for data in your own company.


About the Author

Arent van’t Spijker is an expert in developing and leveraging opportunities and new business models based on data.

As a senior consultant at BlinkLane Consulting, Van’t Spijker is trusted advisor to senior management across medium-sized and large organisations, is a keynote speaker at conferences and writes about Data Driven Strategy on various blogs and websites.

By: Caroline Enders