New Independent Product Review of Knowledge XChanger Released!

Stockholm, July 14th, 2014

FreePint has just released a new* product review covering the latest version of Comintelli’s enterprise software for Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management; Knowledge XChanger. It also includes a review of Comintelli’s new Software as a Service for Competitive Intelligence; intelligence2day.

The report is divided into the following sections: Sources, Content & Coverage, Search, Outputs & Alerts, User Interface & Help, Competitors, Development & Pricing. You can request a free copy of the report by emailing

 “In the competitive landscape, Knowledge XChanger is a comprehensive and high end solution. The option offered by Comintelli for companies to host their own service internally can be an important consideration for companies who place a premium on data security.”

Learn more about Knowledge XChanger
Learn more about intelligence2day

*FreePint’s last review of Knowledge XChanger was in 2011, covering version 6.2. This can be downloaded from Comintelli’s Online Resource Center.