Comintelli® Launches intelligence2day®, a New Internet-based Tool for Competitive and Market Intelligence

Stockholm, Sweden (PRWEB) April 23, 2014


Comintelli®, a leading Competitive Intelligence software provider, has launched a new online service (SaaS), intelligence2day® (, for Competitive Intelligence. Some of the advantages of a SaaS solution are lower costs, reduced time to deployment, easier to use and scale and always having the latest release.

intelligence2day® is powered by Comintelli®’s well-established and award-winning enterprise software Knowledge XChanger™.

Today, many Competitive and Market Intelligence workers use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) including tools such as Google Alerts, Feedity and personal RSS readers to monitor their competitive landscape. These tools are efficient for collecting information, which is why intelligence2day® also draws on these resources.

However, simply collecting information is not the same as creating intelligence. The intelligence2day® tool allows businesses to be more organized and systematic in terms of monitoring companies and issues they are interested in. Besides open internet sources, it incorporates internal sources, filters them into key intelligence topics, applies powerful search and graphical analysis and even enables you to create reports and automatic alerts. In other words, it is a cost-efficient tool that covers every aspect of the intelligence work cycle.

During the last 12 months, intelligence2day® has been in trial mode with several organizations spanning across different industries (such as pharmaceuticals, professional services, libraries, consulting firms, IT and telecoms). Based on these successful trials, intelligence2day® is as of now live with several paying subscribers. The monthly price is only US$80/user.

The official launch will take place as Comintelli® exhibits at SCIP’s (Strategic Competitive Intelligence Professionals) Annual international Conference, May 5-8th, 2014 in Orlando, FL, U.S (

Comintelli® is hosting a free webinar on May 21st, 2014 about effective intelligence monitoring of your business environment. To learn more and to sign up, please follow this link:

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Comintelli® ( is a leading provider of information access software, with solutions for Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence. Comintelli®’s mission is to create order in information chaos by filtering information according to users’ specific needs. Founded in 1999 and with extensive industry experience, Comintelli® continues to respond to customers’ needs, developing flexible solutions that save both time and money.