Competitive Intelligence in the Age of Social Computing

In January 2013, a three-year research project at Södertörn University in Stockholm, Sweden, was initiated with the aim to study how Competitive Intelligence (CI) andBusiness Analytics (BA) industries can meet challenges and utilize possibilities linked to social computing. The project is a collaboration between the Department of Media Technology at Södertörn University and leading companies from the industry: M-BrainComintelli and Glykol.

Last week, the first seminar in a series of seminars and workshops was held in Stockholm. During the seminar, current findings were presented and it was discussed what the new digital landscape and concepts such as Big Data and Social IT means to us and the challenges and possibilities that comes with it.
The focus of the day was ‘intelligence in the socially connected enterprise’ and FOI; one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the areas of defense and security, also did a presentation on ‘computer driven analysis- challenges and opportunities.