Q&A: Content Neutrality

To wrap up another good week, we thought we’d share another Q&A from FreePint’s interview with Comintelli’s CEO, Jesper Martell.


What are some of the unique ways you combine technology with content and customer needs to deliver value to users?

Jesper Martell:

We don’t provide any content. We like to see ourselves as being content neutral and let the customer decide what content they want to include and then aggregate it depending on what the customer wants. This includes both external and internal sources from research companies, news agencies, websites, RSS feeds as well as content from their network drive, email or SharePoint site. It’s this combination of internal & external sources aggregated through our software solution, Knowledge XChanger, that is unique.  We are able to bring structure and findability to the content that the customer has already purchased or acquired from somewhere else and we try to make this more usable.

Customers often have many subscriptions to different websites and end up having to search in different places for all this whilst logging on and off each time, but we can create a single portal where they can integrate all of that information in one place.

Most of our customers have direct relationships with the different content providers and often arrange licensing themselves but what we do is we take care of the technical part so once they’ve made the commercial arrangements and decided what content they want to include, they can then leave it up to us to do the technical integration.