Q&A: Back to Basics

As a holiday treat, here is another Q&A from FreePint’s interview with Comintelli’s CEO, Jesper Martell, where he shares his view on what changes he sees for the future on news delivery to organizations.

FreePint: What do you think is the “next big leap” for news delivery to organizations? How soon will it happen, and what milestones do you see along the way?

Jesper Martell: That’s not an easy question. I think we will see a return to basics again. There’s been so much information and news freely available on the internet and it’s so easy to get news today in many different formats. But what we’re seeing from our enterprise customers is that they’re getting really fed up of the amount of garbage that’s out there because it means the really good information gets lost and they can’t really find the gems as easily.

What we’re increasingly being asked for is more filtered information. Clients want information that’s more individualised and more relevant to them. There are lots of ways of achieving this, including deduplication filters and better search queries but above all we’re seeing business users increasingly prepared to pay for quality information. That’s what I mean about going back to basics. If they can get filtered and summarised information and all the garbage is cleaned out, a lot of companies are more prepared to pay for that today.
They’re willing to pay for different filtering services to really get what they, as an individual, need and want. That filtering can be automatic, using tools like ours we can take away duplicates, but there’s also a manual component. You can either have your own editors or information analysts or hire someone from an external company. We have people that go through and approve articles before they get sent out to our more general audience. The kind of service we’re increasingly going to see offered in the future will involve ensuring that only the right information reaches the right people.