‘Beyond Aggregation’ Wrapped Up

This week, FreePint released the last article as part of their topic series ‘Beyond Aggregation’, which has run from October to November this year. The whole series has included articles, reports and webinars on the topic of News Aggregation to support development of practical knowledge for news aggregation and services.

One strong theme has been the future of news aggregation solutions in terms of new developments (technology), human elements (culture) and relevancy of information (content).

To request a free copy of FreePint’s report: Buyer’s Guide on News Content, send an email to marketing@comintelli.com.loopiadns.com and we’ll provide you with a copy!

Articles featured in this particular report:

  • Market Map: The Options in News Aggregation & Beyond
  • Shortlisting Your News Aggregation Suppliers
  • Journey to DJX had “Customers’ Needs in Mind”
  • Taking a Step Back From News Aggregation Tools: What is Current Awareness?
  • Mini Review: NewsEdge
  • Q&A with Comintelli: Combining KM and Competitive Intelligence
  • Product Review of Northern Light SinglePoint: Executive Summary