Q&A: Combining KM and CI

In an article for FreePint’s topic series “Beyond Aggregation” titled “Q&A with Comintelli: Combining KM and Competitive Intelligence, Comintelli’s CEO Jesper Martell explains how Comintelli’s products can improve a company’s decision-making process and what changes he sees for the future on news delivery to organizations.

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FreePint: How can the right vendor/partner transform a company’s access to, and use of, news content to drive better decisions?

Jesper Martell:  Often companies don’t lack content so that’s not really the issue, but what they need is more structure and findability. We help them make use of the information they already have and give them a return on investment in this way. When they use our solution, they can usually centralize their information purchasing so rather than having lots of different departments buying the same reports from the same provider, they can get less duplicates and can often get volume discounts from these companies if they buy in bulk.

So, time, money and centralization are the key benefits that our customers experience.  You get more coordination in the content you buy and what content you have and you see what other people are buying. All that together usually results in quite a significant cost saving for them.