Successful taxonomy session at SCIP Europe!

Last week, Comintelli attended the yearly SCIP Europe Summit in Rome, Italy! Comintelli’s CEO – Jesper Martell and SVP of Sales – Christian Bjersér were hosting the interactive session ‘Building and Using Dynamic Topic Maps to Visualize your Business Environment’ which ended up being the most visited and popular session!

The purpose of the session was for the different groups/tables to build a simple topic map that organizes and describes a designated industry. During the co-creation process, the goal was to gain new insights on why and how to do this.

Each industry table had a Thought Leader who was instrumental in making the session a success.

Some of the main insights that were conceived from the session were:
• It’s easy to have too many topics and dig too deep
• You should liberate yourself from static folders
• Don’t forget to plan for good content
• Once a topic has been decided upon, consider how you define it using synonyms

Our passion is organizing information in taxonomies so if you have any thoughts or questions in this area, we’d love to hear from you!

A full list of the reflections and insights can be found on SlideShare!


20131107_124927 - Kopia