Knowledge is going Social

I am attending KM world 2013 in Washington and find the content so far of high quality.

Of the three different tracks available it has for obvious reasons been the track covering ”Digital Workspace: The future of working” that has caught my interest. So far the presenters have represented Harvard Kennedy School, Net Strategy/JMC, Unisys and Wells Fargo.

A first reflection is that even though the conference is still labeled KM (Knowledge Management) World the lingo of the presentations is all about Social. It is Enterprise Social Business, Social Enterprises etc. Furthermore, for the first time on a conference of this kind, it seems as if the notion of document captured knowledge is eventually gone (I have been waiting for this for a long time). Knowledge now seem to be accepted as something that people possess and the key part of a KM strategy is to enable people to find each other based on needs for knowledge. It is of course here the notion of business social networks come into play.

I was most impressed when Ross Cavanaugh of Wells Fargo, during the Q&A session, accidentally brought up the issue of how to capture the knowledge that resides within the very large baby-boom group that soon will retire. The proposed solution is not to make them document their knowledge but to make sure they, by the help of social systems, can be engaged in different projects and processes in which younger colleagues can learn by working together.

It seems Knowledge Management is eventually becoming Knowledge Management and not just another word for Information Management. If the two can be clearly distinguished, there are efficiency gains to be made.


More to follow from this conference!

By: Gabriel Anderbjörk