Luleå University of Technology invites Comintelli to lecture on topic of KM

On Oct 17th 2013, Luleå University of Technology (Luleå, Sweden) has, for the second time, invited Comintelli to give a lecture on the topic of Knowledge Management. The purpose of the lecture was to show students a real-life KM software solution that solves real-life KM problems, and so offering the students a practical insight into how KM software facilitates the application of KM theories in practice.

During the lecture, Comintelli showcased their specialized Knowledge Management software – Knowledge XChanger – while demonstrating functionality that supports the various cycles and processes of KM, from content retrieval, classification to dissemination and accessibility. The topic of efficient collaboration tools was covered in more detail, due to it being the backbone of knowledge exchange. Furthermore, the topics of User Interface (UI), Automation, Information Architecture (IA) and the importance of taxonomies were also covered.

Lastly, the lecture included a brief demonstration of how KM software facilitates the extraction and codification of tacit knowledge and the integration and accessibility of explicit knowledge, while relying on course literature (”Learning to Fly”, by Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell).

The lecture was given by Comintelli Director of International Sales, David Ban, a former KM student at Luleå University of Technology, in cooperation with Ali Muhammad Padjab, Knowledge Management Course Leader and PHD student at Luleå University, under the mentorship of Harriet Nilsson, Lecturer and Head of Undergraduate Education, System Science, Luleå University.

learning to fly

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