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Press Release from Analyst Technologies. Stockholm, Tuesday, September 16, 2013
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Full and Comprehensive Knowledge Management Product Review of Platform Vendor Comintelli’s Knowledge XChanger 8

Knowledge management and CI/MI system gives Fortune 500 companies’ advantages to market new product and services meeting customer demand. The information growth increase dramatically but enable customer support, sales & marketing or product developers the ability to fine tune their product to customer expectations. Download your comprehensice product review and Analyst Insight.

Analyst Technologies release a full and comprehensive Knowledge Management product review of platform vendor Comintelli‘s Knowledge XChanger 8

Knowledge XChanger™ is an advanced Enterprise Information Access platform for large scale Knowledge Management (KM) and Market/Competitive Intelligence (MI/CI) applications. It was initially developed in the early 2000s, and has since positioned itself as a strong and developing platform globally, aimed at large multinational corporations of the Fortune 500 size.

Knowledge XChanger™ version 8, released during the first quarter of 2013, is a stable platform that powers large KM implementations as well as advanced enterprise CI systems. In this capacity, the product supports organizations’ ability to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences in order to share information and track expertise within large organizations.

The explosive growth of the amount of data in enterprises requires powerful search tools with categorizing functions and social features to track and identify expressed and tacit knowledge. Knowledge XChanger™ automatically filters and organizes all information coming into the system.  The embedded search engine from Apache Solr then makes it easy for users to find and access what they are looking for, whether it is internal documents, news articles or experts within the organization.

Enterprises looking at organizing their information assets, their ability to find this information and their operational efficiency would benefit from taking a look at Knowledge XChanger™.

In this product reviwew we also get insight from long term customers like Tetra Pak, AkzoNobel B.V and more who speaks openly about Knowledge XChanger advantages i.e. the ability to gather information from many sources and automatically categorize information for final analyst comments before distributing in-depth intelligence in select information groups globally. But also on their view on further developments in demand from high-end CI / KM platform users.

This report is written in English and you may request your complimentary copy free of charge.

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