The Future of Search by Martin White

In a presentation called “The Future of Search”, held at Findability Day 2013, the intranet and and information management strategy consultant Martin White gives an interesting talk about the  impact that search technologies will have on organizational performance over the next few years.

White also presents us with some eyebrow-raising-facts, such as a 2013 study by Aberdeen which showed that in 2012, 46%  reported that they were unable to use unstructured data, which was an increase by 50% (!) from 2011. The same increasecould be seen in the amount of respondents who thought that poor quality data was impacting their decision-making.

You can also download the presentation in PDF format here. 

For examples of an IT solution supporting enterprise search and information retrieval, take a look at Comintelli’s Knowledge XChanger; a search-based application for Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence.