Market Intelligence system gives Fortune 500 companies advantages!

Press Release from Analyst Technologies. Stockholm, Monday, June 10 2013
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Market Intelligence systems gives Fortune 500 companies’ unique possibilities to adjust products and messages according to customers expectations. The information growth has increased dramatically, but this has enabled customer support, sales & marketing and product developers to get a better insight into what customers want. This  allows companies to fine tune their offerings to meet customer expectations. It is today crucial for businesses who wants to to keep a competitive advantage to actively work with Market & Competitive Intelligence and to have well suited processes and support platforms in place to handle the information.
Analyst Technologies has released a Product Brief after having conducted a thorough evaluation of platform vendor Comintelli‘s Knowledge XChanger 8. This Enterprise Information Access platform is a Knowledge Management (KM) platform with very strong application and Market/Competitive Intelligence (MI/CI) support functions.

Our assessment is that this is a very stable and mature platform with many large scale installations in Multinational Enterprises using it for their global Market/Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management.

Long term customers like Tetra Pak, AkzoNobel B.V and more speaks openly about Knowledge XChanger advantages, i.e. the ability to gather information from many different sources and automatically categorize the information for final analyst comments before distributing in-depth intelligence in selected information groups globally.

The advantages for customer support, sales & marketing, product development, specialists and executive management are many, where the control of information, automatic reports, as well as having ad-hoc search functionality are especially appreciated.

Knowledge XChanger supports the sharing of information between different buisness units and groups and with features such as the ‘expert finder’, the platform enables individuals to both show their own expertise and to search for experts in other areas by breaking traditional hierarchical information paths.

The fast growth of information from multiple sources puts high demands on this platform’s ability to categorize gathered information, as well as on its search functionality. Knowledge XChanger 8 includes the search engine from Apache Solr which makes it a cutting edge search engine in terms of functionality and scalability.

The full report will be available shortly.


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