The internet is free only if the value of your time is zero…

So called free information often comes at a high cost. We don’t have to pay cash for the information, but it can take many hours to first search for it and then organize and distribute it. And it takes time to learn the right skills needed for searching and organizing.

There are certainly  valuable information to be found on the internet, but it is very unlikely that you will get a full awareness – one that is robust enough to allow you to make a significant decision. Nor can you predict what class of material you will find on the internet. Its chaotic nature means that, from industry to industry and from time to time, you can find anything or nothing. And that nothing can cost a lot, considering the amount of time it takes and how much that time costs.

“Time is money. Don’t waste my time. You’ll waste my money.”

Achieving a high confidence in knowing where to find what your need more than makes up for the money spent on building that confidence.