Knowledge XChanger 8 Released to Alllow Enterprises to Manage their Information & Knowledge as a Strategic Corporate Asset.

Comintelli has announced the immediate availability of the new version of the multi-awarded Knowledge XChanger™; the enterprise platform for Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence.

The rapidly increasing generation of huge amounts of unstructured data, commonly called Big Data, is creating the need for an efficient tool to manage such data. Conventional tools built on database logic do not have the capability to manage these surging volumes of unstructured data.

Knowledge XChanger™ 8, on the other hand, is a search-based application that has the ability to effectively organize and structure huge amounts of information and helps to manage Big Data. It tackles the information overload problem by applying structure and search on top of both internally produced information and externally retrieved content. This allows users to find relevant information faster and easier.
Comintelli will host a free webinar that showcases Knowledge XChanger™ 8, on April 11th. You can sign up at: