Social Intelligence for Competitive Strategy

In a recent article, published by McKinsey, the role of social media for adjusting companies competitive strategy is emphasized and discussed.

Traditional methods of collecting intelligence usually involves mapping sources of information, whereas the social-media approach focuses on mapping people and conversations; something which is becoming increasingly important as a source for intelligence gathering and decision-making!

Many “knowledge experts” serve as influencers, shaping other people’s perceptions about products and markets. With the help of social media, many of these people can today share their opinions freely on the various platforms. The social-media data that you can gather from identifying and engaging these individuals can then be channeled to the right people in the organization. By doing that, companies can develop “social intelligence” that is “forward looking, global in scope, and capable of playing out in real time.

The article presents four different scenarios where social platforms can change the intelligence-gathering approaches of companies. It becomes clear that social technologies has little effect on some parts of the ‘intelligence cycle’, but takes on a surprisingly central role in how information is sourced, collected, analyzed, and distributed.

You can access the full article here!