Can Social Media actually save time?

Most Social Apps like Twitter, Facebook and G+ steals a lot of your time when you entertain yourself tracking friends and playing games. But there is an app, promising to actually save time while putting some fun into it on the way.

Waze started up as a crowd sourced map application but has evolved to a free social driving application, which competes with the traditional in-car GPS devices. I have been using both a GPS and Waze on my smart phone for a week now and today I didn’t even bother to turn the GPS unit.

The Waze interface is a lot like any typical navigation app. The differences are that Waze displays other user avatars in real time on the map, which makes driving a bit more fun and friendly. All these users automatically reports information about their average speed back to the Waze backbone.  If the normal route gets slow, Waze can redirect you to a faster route.

Users can add information manually about any obstacles like accidents and traffic jams or Police presence. If the map doesn’t reflect the reality it can be updated while driving. This actually works, and the Waze maps are more up to date than my GPS device (with a subscription)

On my 40 minute route wo work, Waze saved me 3—5 minutes on average last week. While it’s not a lot It adds up and I’m sure I save more when major traffic events happens.

Waze is free and available on most Smart Phone platforms.

By: Anders Thulin