How Taxonomies can help you to access the information you want

Since the amount of information available to CI professionals is growing exponentially, users are being exposed to larger amounts information each day. The problems that arise with the increased amount of information is that collecting and storing, as well as finding information, more difficult and more time consuming. As a result, organizations must realize that it is now more important than ever to structure the collection and management of intelligence. One way to structure your information is to create a taxonomy.

Information Overload

How do taxonomies help you and your organization? The main purpose of taxonomies is to facilitate retrieval and storing information. Your objective when creating a taxonomy is to create a structure that is simple and intuitive for the user, and to reduce the amount of clicks between the user and the information he/she is looking for.

A taxonomy implemented into a system that helps you automatically categorize information into it is a huge time-saver. It allows you to quickly sort through large amounts of information and filter out the “noise”. A lot of information professionals spend between the majority of their time searching for the information, and by reducing that the time spent of searching, it will allow them to spend more time on analyzing it. To learn more about how taxonomies can help you, please visit our Recorded Webinars page.