Social Bing -How to make a difference on the search engine market

Microsoft is about to roll out a new search results GUI for Bing, bringing back simplicity to search. While Google results are clogged with commercials ads, advanced search filtering and connected to dozens of other Google products such as g+, drive, calendar, play and more.
Bing, previously copied Google design, is now moving in the other direction. The first visible evidence will be the removal of the left pane and clearer header in the results screen, now creating more focus on the actual hits.

Because of Microsoft’s good relationships with Twitter and Facebook the new Bing will also be a social search engine with a new social network panel to the right.  Google still only highlights results from their own social network; Google plus. This is a problem for Google, already competing with the leaders in social networking eventually will have consequences on their core business, search.


-Will this year be remembered to be the inflection point where Google’s dominance was finally broken?

The decision is yours, -how do you YOU want it?

By: Anders Thulin