Welcome to SCIP Philadelphia

The SCIP conference in Philadelphia is getting closer and the preparation for my session on “Deploying CI for Strong Long Term Brand Positioning” on Tuesday is almost done. So far we have 56 confirmed attendees for this think tank session on how to use scenarios, target positions, brand matrixes and communication mixes for the benefit of more cost effective communication as well a readiness for brand chocks on the market. Christian Bjersér and myself have more than one reason to be excited to soon be there. Firstly, of course, to meet you all together with Ron Brumbarger and his team from Bitwise Inc, but not least also because Comintelli is about to launch something entirely new that we are convinced the SCIP market has been awaiting for a long time… Just come to our booth and find out! Contact us in advance to schedule a meeting or just for a short chat.

See you all on Monday evening or Tuesday!