Webinars now open for registration!

In time for the launch of Knowledge XChanger version 7, Comintelli will host a few webinars which gives you a great opportunity to learn about the fundamental functions of Knowledge XChanger, as well as explore what’s new in version 7. The 45 minutes webinars are free and now open for registration here! Secure your spot today!

Knowledge XChanger provides solutions for Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Search and Content Delivery and automates the task of:

  • Aggregating content from mulitple sources
  • Classifying content using topic maps (taxonomies)
  • Searching full text documents
  • Analyzing trends and patterns
  • Delivering content in a relevant format to authorized users

The latest version includes new developments in the following areas:

  • Publication process
  • Start pages /views
  • My reports
  • My alerts
  • Search
  • Content in /out
  • Topic classification
  • User interface
  • Usage statistic