Intelligent Enterprise Survey Sneakpeak

IBM Institute for Business Value and MIT Sloan Management Review have for the second year in a row conducted a survey as part of the project “The New Intelligent Enterprise” in order to discover how organization are turning analytics into a competitive advantage. The results are being analyzed and the full report of the survey won’t be published until this fall, but here is a preview of the some of the results so far:

  • Access to data needs improvement – Only about 4 out of 10 reported having sufficient access to the information and analytics they need to do their job effectively.
  • Realizing the value of using analytics for strategic decision making –The top objective for using analytics are ‘making real-time decisions’ and ‘improve resource allocation’.
  • Consistency in the quality of data is important – This was shown to be the top data characteristic that would make respondents gain more confidence with the data.
  • Difficulties integrating data – The main technology challenge that inhibit organizations using analytics effectively was ‘integrating data’.
  • Focus on new business objectives – The top objective this year is ‘growing revenue’ compared to last year when it was ‘innovating to achieve competitive differentiation’. There is also more focus on penetrating new markets and acquiring new customers.
Many of the findings so far points towards the increasing need and value of companies such as Comintelli who work with helping organization improving their time to knowledge and allow them to make more confident decisions! Also consider how this might, or is perhaps already, affecting the different parts of your own organization.