The Green in Knowledge Management

People often write about Knowledge Management as a solution helping companies organize their information so that they they can easily fetch it and learn from it. Although this is a crucial aspect of being able to utilize all the information they all sit on, there’s also another side to this coin. The link between Knowledge Management and Sustainability has become more evident than ever before. Today, KM World posted an article touching on this topic; how “KM supports green initiatives worldwide.”

For corporations, becoming sustainable includes improving the way they run their business and analyzing the impact they have, economically, environmentally as well as socially! All to ensure that the company’s processes and preferably also finances, can be run more efficiently.
For one, by having a Knowledge Management system in place, it allows you to reduce the amount of paper that otherwise would be required to handle all the business processes in your company. Further, if the system also allows people to collaborate without having to meet in person, you save both money and the environment by not having to use any means of transportation. Besides these benefits, Knowledge Management systems can be used to help companies conserve energy in order to become greener (and thus also more cost-efficient), through e.g. automated power monitoring systems, something that I believe we’ll be seeing much more of in a near future.