The significance of search analytics

The author of Lucene in Action and founder of Sematext here talks about the importance of search analytics in order to make searches more effective by monitoring search performance. This is a relevant topic as most organizations depend on search functioning well, yet the majority lack the means to determine the success of the searches. He also emphasizes the importance of auto-completion of searches, something commonly expressed as being a feature of high priority, yet only about 2% have this function internally. Mentioned as must-have tools for enterprise search are “top-topics”, “top-queries”, the ability to see who’s performing most searches (users & roles) and most popular results etc.

Comintelli’s Knowledge XChanger 7.0 built in search engine automates many of these features by auto-suggesting searches, list topic activity and topic expertise within a topic, as well as giving the user the option to save frequently used searches etc. The product is continiously re-evaluated and developed based on user requirement which has resulted in better solutions. To listen to the interview, click here!