So much to do, not enough time…

A study has shown that the key to great success is to “work harder in shorter bursts of time”. Then give yourself a break before getting back to work again. The reason why this seems to work is that it keeps you focused the time you do work so you’ll get more done in a shorter period of time. The study was intially conducted on musicians but when the researchers started looking at succesful people in other professions, they came to the same conclusion.

You can read the article “Why Succesful People Leave Work Early” here.
I believe the majority of people today feel like there’s not enough time to do everything they need or want. Preferably, you would want to work less but get more done, right? There’s actually a whole lot of principles out there that set out to achieve exactly this (you can e.g. download the “Get-it-Done-Guy” Stever Robbins free podcast here).
But although working less will help you be more efficient with your time, you will still need to have an effective system in place so that your personal efficiency won’t suffer from external factors. For a musician, an effective system would be a well working instrument, and perhaps a good quality amplifier. But for the majority of people, the corner stone in their day-to-day work is information-based. In this case, there needs to be a system ready to manage this information, make it accessible, relevant and ready to use! You can say that the findings from this study also supports the theory previously discussed in this blog, about the importance of finding the information you need fast. Because if finding the information you need takes too long, you would most likely still need to spend those extra hours in front of your computer.