Speed of Enterprise Searches

More than half Enterprise Search applications do not meet the expectations of managers in Europe and the U.S, shows a recent survey of more than 2000 directors and managers, by MindMetre and Smartlogic. The U.K and Germany reported the biggest ‘findability’ gap. That is; the difference between the time they were expecting to find the right information and the actual time it took to find it (with 4 minutes considered too long).

The findings indicate that a search-based application good at searching for information might not be good at finding the right information. Considering that ease -and speed of access is crucial for an organization to stay efficient and competitive, this is quite concerning.

One main goal of Comintelli’s Knowledge XChanger is just to optimize findability for the end users, so that they can easily and quickly find the content they are looking for. Hence why the search engine in Knowledge XChanger is based on the leading Apache Solr technology. The latest version of Knowledge XChanger (7.0) is even more Solr search driven (less SQL database) than before, which will result in a much faster performance and findability.