Knowledge Management and Satisfied Customers

Executing a Knowledge Management program can be a challenge in terms of getting sufficient support and resources from executive teams to succeed with the program, the “findability” of content, as well as keeping the content “timely”. KM World have listed 6 best practices for succesfully implementing knowledge management programs, with focus on how it can increase customer service:
1. Align the organization for success
Gain organizational support and define project team and strategy.
2. Design a framework for knowledge management
Identify main users of the system and the most effective way to organize content.
3. Create and maintain relevant content
Content must be fresh and useful to the target users or it’s worth nothing.
4. Empower the customer with usable content
Have a user-friendly Web self-service site for customers to find the information they need.
5. Focus on the agent experience
Agents should have a personalized view of the knowledge base, tailored to his or her role, and be able to interact with the content.
6. Continually improve knowledge management practices
Knowledge management is a journey that just keeps on going. Remember to re-evaluate usage, features and content of the knowledge base to develop a more succesful system and more satisfied customers.