The Importance of Unstructured Information

In a recent interview in SLA Management Review, K. Ananth Krishnan, chief technology officer at Tata Consultancy services, one of the largest companies in India, reflects on all the “unstructured information” that most companies miss out on. Acccording to Krishnan, companies are now realizing that they have to capture the unstructured information both inside and outside their company, rather than turning to the structured data generated inside the enterprise as a primary source of information. In order to get the insights you need, information about competitors, about customers and about new strategies, you will need to look further!
He also talks about the challenge we face in automating the analysis of text, video and audio, and that we also need to figure out how to use this information. This is an area that has a lot of potential but that is still crawling on its knees. Are advancements in this area due to privacy concerns or merely due to cost -and technical limitations?