Esmerk launches new current awareness platform Esmerk Oasis

Esmerk, the global business information provider, has today announced the launch of its new content delivery platform, Esmerk Oasis, which has been specifically designed for the delivery and distribution of enterprise level current awareness solutions.

Esmerk Oasis is a web-based, hosted market intelligence solution designed to allow decision makers to quickly and easily stay on top of and act on critical market developments worldwide. The customized global business information provided by Esmerk forms the core content for Esmerk Oasis, while clients will now also have the opportunity to import complementary information from other sources. Priority has been given to ensuring user friendliness and facilitating the sharing and distribution of information across the client organisation.

Esmerk Oasis was developed in cooperation with Comintelli, the award-winning provider of Enterprise Information Access software. Tailored to meet the requirements of Esmerk’s clients, Esmerk Oasis incorporates elements of Comintelli technology and its well known Knowledge XChanger™ solution.

Esmerk Oasis also incorporates easy-to-use alerting, search and collaboration functionality.

“Our new Oasis platform takes Esmerk’s service to the next level with its new communication and information sharing capabilities. Now, more than ever, we can help our clients to ensure that the right information is channelled to the right people in the right format and at the right time. Its intuitive interface makes it very easy to use, while the solution is also quick and easy to implement” says Derek Cox, Group Managing Director of Esmerk.

Esmerk Oasis is available immediately.

Additional information:

Esmerk Ltd

Derek Cox

Group Managing Director

Telephone: +44 118 956 5821

About Esmerk

Esmerk provides tailored global current awareness services to companies worldwide based on the monitoring of sources from over 140 countries out of 29 languages, with information provided to clients in the form of English language abstracts which summarise key developments. Founded in 1975 in Finland, Esmerk now has around 200 employees at its offices in Finland, France,Germany, Malaysia, Russia, Sweden and the UK. The company has over 900 corporate customers in 28 countries and end-users worldwide. Esmerk is a subsidiary of Helsinki-based Sanoma Corp, one of Europe’s largest media groups. Esmerk’s website is