Digimind and Comintelli join forces to provide a Full-Service Competitive Intelligence solution

BOSTON, June 17 /PRNewswire/ — Digimind Inc. and Comintelli have announced a technology partnership that will bridge the gap between Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence.  Digimind, a leader in on-demand intelligence solutions and Comintelli, a cutting edge developer of Enterprise Knowledge Management software, have joined forces to provide the ultimate solution to the information gathering and decision making process. Together, they are eliminating any disconnect and lack of organization amongst information gathered by companies on industry trends, competitors and a wide variety of other topics.


Digimind provides a variety of software solutions for intelligence needs.  Their platform is able to collect and analyze outside web sources in an efficient, streamlined manner, significantly reducing the time spent on individual sources and research. Digimind’s platform assures that all web sources pertaining to a search subject are accounted for and that the information is easily gathered and displayed.

Comintelli is the developer of the award winning software, Knowledge XChanger which manages vast amounts of unstructured information and organizes it in a controlled and secure environment.  This makes it easier for companies to internally aggregate, structure, search and analyze content.

Together, Digimind and Comintelli provide a solution that integrates external and internal content for information gathering and analysis.  Digimind’s platform works to gather the wide variety of external web sources and content that is then fed through to Comintelli Knowledge XChanger where it can be aggregated with internal content, such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, LAN folders, RSS feeds, e-mail  and more.  Customers will have the ability to conduct a variety of searches on industry information, competitor insight, product development and more, while simultaneously being able to organize the vast amount of information into one central location that can either be behind the customer’s firewalls or hosted by Digimind or Comintelli.

“Providing this type of full-service solution to customers from beginning to end will greatly reduce the time spent on information gathering and organization, allowing our clients to spend more time on what’s really important- analysis and better decision making,” says Digimind CEO, Chris Hote.  “By combining Digimind’s powerful web agent technology with Comintelli’s rapid search and taxonomy technology, we can help our customers create competitive and market intelligence portals that include all types of required content,” adds Comintelli CEOJesper Martell.  Together, the companies are very excited to introduce this new platform to both existing and new customers in a wide variety of industries.

For more information on the Digimind/Comintelli partnership please contact Ashley Bistran at abistran@digimind.com

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