Comintelli launches new version 5 of its award-winning software for competitive intellligence

Stockholm , Sweden – 19 April, 2007
08:30 CET
For immediate release.

Comintelli today announced the release of version 5 of Comintelli Knowledge XChanger ™ (KXC), the leading software for competitive and market intelligence.

Comintelli KXC helps users retrieve, organize, analyze and distribute both internal and external information, so that they can use it to improve their competitive position.

”Thanks to innovative feedback from our customers, we have created further powerful features that will enable users to utilize competitive insights more efficiently”, says Jesper Martell , CEO at Comintelli. “Our focus during the development process has been to provide market analysts with cutting-edge tools for both detecting and sharing of intelligence.”

Comintelli KXC 5 offers the following main new features:
– A new Analysis module that includes e.g. topic analysis, online surveys, Key Intelligence Topics (KIT) and a CI dictionary.
– Predefined report templates, including Competitor Profile, PEST, Five Forces, SWOT, Four Corners , ValueNet and Event Reports.
– A dedicated role for “Editors” who have the right to approve and flag articles.
– Faster and simpler report generation and distribution.
– A new word editor for advanced publishing options.
– Faster browsing through large topics taxonomies (using AJAX-based layout).
– Single sign-on for seamless user authentication via Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Active Directory (AD).
– Content Retriever now includes RSS Feed Manager and LAN Import tools.
– Further enhancement of the embedded Autonomy K2 search engine.
– Improved modularity and flexibility in system set up, enabling users to easily configure layout and functionality according to their preferences.

Comintelli KXC requires Windows 2003 operating system and Microsoft SQL Server database. It supports all major internet standards and component models, including XML, SOAP/Web services, Java, .NET/COM and CORBA. Users only need a web browser.

Comintelli will be show-casing the new Comintelli KXC 5 at the SCIP annual conference in New York , 1-2 May. For more info about this event, please see

About Comintelli

Comintelli is the market-leading provider of software for competitive and market intelligence. Comintelli develops, markets and sells the award-winning and patented products Knowledge XChanger ™ and Matrix Analyzer ™ . Comintelli Knowledge XChanger ™ is used globally by thousands of users every day. The company was founded in 1999 and has offices in Stockholm , London , New York , and Ottawa .

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