Comintelli improves its rating in major intelligence software review

New York, USA – 4 September, 2006
10:26 AM EST
For immediate release.

Fuld & Company Inc., the world’s preeminent research and consulting firm in the field of business and competitive intelligence, has recognized Comintelli Knowledge XChanger™ (KXC™) as one of the eleven foremost software packages containing Competitive Intelligence (CI) tools and functionality. Fuld & Co. believes that “Information Technology tools can significantly enhance the value that competitive intelligence brings to organizations.”

Fuld’s recently published “Intelligence Software Report 2006/2007” highlights Comintelli’s strength in the primary source collection phase of the Intelligence cycle. This phase includes the ability to capture “soft” information from employees throughout a company.

“We are pleased to be one of only two non-American firms with sufficient CI functionality to qualify for the review by Fuld,” said Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli. “This recognition from one of the most respected CI firms increases our motivation to continue improving our products for the global CI community.”

The report describes Comintelli KXC™ as offering support for every phase of the intelligence cycle and continuing to add interesting new features such as the Early Warning System. In addition, its ability to handle several languages is noted.

Comintelli Knowledge XChanger™ is a content-neutral and modular system which gives customers the flexibility to precisely define the sources, templates and reports they need to support their CI process.

About Comintelli 

Comintelli is a market-leading provider of software for competitive intelligence and knowledge management. Comintelli develops, markets and sells the award winning and patented products Knowledge XChanger™ and Matrix Analyzer™. Comintelli Knowledge XChanger™ is used globally by thousands of users every day. Major reference customers are found in industries such as biotech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, IT and telecoms. The company was founded in 1999 and has offices in Stockholm, London, New York, and Ottawa.

For more information: Further information on the report can be gathered from
“Fourth Fuld & Co. Survey of Competitive Intelligence Software Guides Executives on Selecting Best Package”

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