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Constant disruptions and huge volumes of information makes it difficult to access the right information quickly.

“88% of executives think their customers are changing faster than they can keep up.”- Accenture

Decision-makers need faster Time-To-Insights to make confident decisions about the future.

That’s where our platform Intelligence2day® can help you!

“Comintelli is a good fit for organizations in rapidly-changing industries to support strategy, M&A, business development, and innovation.”

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Some of the world’s leading organizations use Intelligence2day® to drive their business into the future.

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Our platform allows you to monitor key intelligence topics and provides actionable insights to enhance your competitive position, maximize growth and profitability, and reduce the risk of surprises or falling behind.

Innovation & Technology Scouting

Elevate your innovative efforts by scouting the market for emerging technologies. Intelligence2day® effortlessly scans external sources for new ideas so that you can prioritize competitive ideation.

Market Research Providers

Intelligence2day® is the ideal content delivery solution for smaller organizations and agencies that sell high-value research to business audiences, publish intelligence to a  subscriber base, and provide strategic analysis to clients.

We help our customers gain competitive advantages by offering AI-assisted tools that provide market insights and enable well-informed business decisions.

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Comintelli Elevates Generative AI Capabilities in Intelligence2day®

Comintelli Elevates Generative AI Capabilities in Intelligence2day®   Comintelli is expanding its use of Generative AI features within Intelligence2day®, its platform for Market and Competitive Intelligence (MCI). This move comes in response to the overwhelming positive response to the initial launch of Generative AI in Intelligence2day® a few months ago. Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli, […]