The link between CI & KM is the word systematic. Methodical and organized implementaitions makes information accessible by people that need it.


Knowledge Management

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management (KM) can be referred to as the management of a company’s information. This includes capturing and codifying knowledge and experience and efficiently funneling it to the right people when they need it.

Most organizations have engaged in some sort of activities aimed at managing the information that their employees possess, collect and use. However, these activities tend to be uncoordinated as well as unstructured.

Comintelli’s Knowledge Management System gives users the tools they need to access and utilize an organizations combined knowledge and insights.


Key Benefits of Comintelli’s Knowledge Management System:

1. Quickly find and access the right information

​​Brings structure to unstructured information and makes it easier and faster to access the information you need, when you need it.

2. Faster and better decision-making

In this ever-changing world it is harder and more important than ever to make the right decisions quickly. Using Comintelli’s software will enable you to have the best possible data to make more confident decisions and create more intimate relations with business partners and customers.

3. Minimize duplicate work in global organizations

Have you ever re-invented the wheel? Have you thought of the cost in a Fortune 500 company when the wheels are re-invented again, again and again? Avoid unnecessary duplication of work – from now on you never have to re-invent the wheel again!


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