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Reviews and Articles

Shrinking the Haystack to Find the Needles You Want

Selecting and Connecting Sources to Your Intelligence Portal.

Reviews and Articles

Navigate Your Intelligence World by Using Taxonomies

How Applying Structure Will Help You Steer in the Right Direction

Reviews and Articles

Introduction to Competitive Intelligence Portals (637 kB)

The What, Why, and How of using IT tools to support your intelligence work.

Reviews and Articles

Product Review of Intelligence2day® July 2014

Independent product review of Intelligence2day® published by FreePint in July 2014.


Reviews and Articles

Product Review July 2014 (2MB)

Independent product review of Knowledge XChanger™ (Intelligence2day® Enterprise) published by FreePint in July 2014. The review also covers Comintelli’s new SaaS solution Intelligence2day®.

Please note that at the time of writing these articles, Intelligence2day® Enterprise was still branded as Knowledge XChanger™

Reviews and Articles

Buyers Guide – News Content, by FreePint (3 MB)

This report from 2013 contains articles on the topic of News Aggregation to support development of practical knowledge for news aggregation services. Among other interesting reads, it includes a Q&A interview with Comintelli’s CEO Jesper Martell where he explains how Comintelli’s products can improve a company’s decision-making process and what changes he sees for the future on news delivery to organizations.

Reviews and Articles

VIP Magazine: Focus on Knowledge XChanger™ (470 kB)

Executive summary of FreePint’s 2011 review of Knowledge XChanger.

Reviews and Articles

Product Review of Comintelli’s Knowledge XChanger January 2011 (1 MB)

In-depth, independent review of the product, plus links to related resources.