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Customer Cases

IDC Case Story – Market Intelligence Portal

Cloud based information platform drives efficient market intelligence gathering, sharing and collaboration for better decision making. Case: Large telecommunications provider.

By: IDC Anders Elbak, Jason Andersson, April 2017

Recorded Webinars

Introducing the next generation of Intelligence2day®

The next generation of Intelligence2day® featuring smart technology that filters out the information noise. Recording from the webinar Introducing the next generation of Intelligence2day® on March 22, 2017.

Duration: 38:18

White Papers

Dimensioning Intelligence2day® for Optimal Performance (172 kB)

Configuring server hardware and software

Reviews and Articles

Shrinking the Haystack to Find the Needles You Want

Selecting and Connecting Sources to Your Intelligence Portal.

Recorded Webinars

Introducing Intelligence2day® Professional

In this recorded webinar will give you a quick overview of the SaaS version of Intelligence2day®, one of the most powerful, yet simple Competitive Intelligence platforms available. This is the tool that makes sure you don’t miss out on business critical information! With a Q&A session at the end.

Duration: 29:55

White Papers

Implementing Intelligence2day® Enterprise (267 kB)

A Best Practice Guide to Project Processes and Roles

Recorded Webinars

Selecting & Evaluating Competitive Intelligence Software

How do you select a CI tool that is right for your organization?
There are several aspects besides functions and features that should be considered in the selection process. This webinar will provide a set of criteria that can be used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of CI software systems.

Hosted by: SCIP
Duration: 60:06 min

Recorded Webinars

“Boost productivity by Automating Collection of Information”

Recorded webinar: “How Intelligence Portals Boost Productivity by Automating Collection of information”
Hosted by SLA

White Papers

Managed Cloud (769 kB)

Highly secure and flexible hosting of your information.