One of the founding beliefs within Comintelli is that of joint value creation. Not just with customers but, equally important, also with partners in the value chain.

Customers of Comintelli should be confident that by investing in a Comintelli system they gain access to relevant CI and KM competencies, technologies, methodologies and sources for reaching their business goals.

Therefore, Comintelli maintains partnerships across the world with companies providing assets, skills and resources, complementary to those of Comintelli.


partners with comintelli are represented around the world

Partner with Comintelli

Comintelli assesses partnership applications on an ongoing basis and we welcome a dialog with all interested parties. If your company is interested in initiating a dialog regarding partnership with Comintelli, please send an email to  By becoming a Comintelli partner, you will receive the training and tools required to deliver Intelligence2day® and related services to your customers.

Our partners are divided into the categories below: