Intelligence2day® is an award-winning software for KM and CI that drastically decreases the amount of time and money spent on accessing information.


Intelligence2day® is an award-winning information access platform that provides a single point of access to information from multiple sources. It is a search-based software application designed to make knowledge workers more productive.

Intelligence2day® solves the challenge of not knowing what information is available and where to find it. It enables customers to find and use the information they often already have, but are in no position to utilize efficiently due to the sheer quantity and lack of structure.

Intelligence2day® helps provide structure and meaning to large volumes of unstructured content.

The application automatically unifies internal and external sources into one role based portal, so that knowledge workers can do their jobs without having to move from one information source or application to another.

Intelligence2day® can be viewed as a funnel that connects information sources with information users:


Intelligence2day® funnel


“…Comintelli automates the tasks of aggregating content from various sources, structuring it using Topic Maps, and delivering it in a relevant format. Users can then search and use the system’s analytic tools to gain insights from the content…”

FreePint, Independent product review published in July 2014.
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Intelligence2day® is available in two options:


A standardized service available via internet that includes basic information access functionality and is normally for 1-20 users.


A customizable solution that includes more advanced information access functionality and is normally for more than 20 users, scaling up to thousands of users.