Eniro – Telecom/IT

Eniro is the Nordic region’s largest search company, allowing people to locate both services and products, regardless whether the channel is internet, catalogue or mobile.

In order to effectively support these business objectives and help the company to move forward in a world of new competition, Eniro needed to streamline the processes for receiving all of the competitive intelligence that can be used to directly support business strategy and decision making.


“External information helps us to maintain competitive edge by making more informed, faster decisions”.

Malin Stenström, Market Analyst, Eniro. To read the full story about how Comintelli helped Eniro achieve this, fill in the form below. 


The out-of-date tools available to Eniro were lacking the capability to automatically collect market information from various sources and the technology enabling employees to search for and access this unstructured information was missing.

The solution that was able to meet all these requirements and that was also priced competitively against others in the industry, was Intelligence2day®.  A lot of work was put into creating a taxonomy to structure information into key intelligence topics. The taxonomy has made it easier and quicker to find relevant competitive information.




Solna, Sweden


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